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Innovation simply means to look for a better way of doing something. It can be viewed as the application of better solutions that meets new requirements.


We embrace positive change in efficiency, productivity, and quality to excel above the requirements.


We research and identify our clients, community and our industry needs then we invest to develop most beneficial way of servicing, using the technology to get the best the results.


We use promote and use innovative products


Enzymes Cleaning Solution, soap just pushes the dirt around, the Enzymes Wizard formula works to destroy the organic matter resulting in cleaner and safer surface.

“Enzyme Wizard Pty Ltd represents a true supplier of plant based enzymes and enzyme products. Enzyme Wizard’s future is seemingly boundless. There is a need for a high quality enzyme solution, and an equal amount of markets in need of our products. 
By its very nature, our products can be used to eliminate odors and organic matter, from blood stains, to cleaning carpets and counter tops, removing wallpaper, and even used as a high quality cleaner/degreaser.”


IPC Pure water window cleaning.

This offers 4 stage water filtration systems, which includes reverse osmosis, and deionization process to produce mineral free water providing for incredible cleaning action and spot free windows.

The mineral free water provides incredible cleaning action and spot free windows without using chemical.  It keeps windows cleaner longer leaving no residue or build up on the surface. 


Microfiber Mopping System

Designed to reduce the number of trips you would normally take to a mop bucket.  This system can increase productivity and reduce labor cost by 50% versus traditional bucket methods.  This is a portable microfiber system that you can use any of our mop bases and microfiber mops.  Each handle contains a dispensing system using bottle and sprayer that dispenses water or chemicals.  Trigger on the handle releases the fluid and is gravity fed onto the floor.  The reservoir can be removed in a few seconds for refilling.


Green Steam

Is our Carpet steam cleaner that uses Enzymes technology to give you the ultimate carpet gleaning that is 100 percent chemical and soap free, as well as using the lasted steam machine to create the ultimate attack on the carpet monsters.


Jonmaster Cleaning System

The ability to clean more surface area in less time and with guaranteed hygiene standards. Superior cleaning results including effective bacteria removal. Ergonomic products designed to ensure ease of use and operator comfort.


Green Star Service

Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability is our Green Star Service. It is based on considering our environment, our health and safety of everyone.


We do this by using machines and tools which are eco-friendly and nil air pollution output, and simple systems that are wireless, reducing electrical wire risk factors as well as creating cleaner atmosphere.


We also partner with Enzymes Wizards to use their products which are Ph. Neutral, chemical free, plant based enzymes which eliminate bacteria by breaking down the food source they spread on.


This new green cleaning solution is doing wonders in the new age cleaning, and we are bringing it to you at no extra cost.


We don’t stop there; we absolutely disinfect and deodorize your facility daily.


Focusing on general high traffic areas, all touch points and toilets ensuring you that we are taking care of the nasty spread of germs.


We conduct free monthly waste audit programs to examine your waste program, which will assist in reducing landfills and improve more recycling.


Feel free to call our friendly staff for any questions or enquiries.